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The Merchant towns of Chettinad are known for their majestic houses and delectable cuisine, and exceptional business acumen. These Nagarathar community hold their culture close to their heart, and it resonates in everything that they do. The Nagarathars have created their own unique culture, religious practices, and even the deities they worship. They were the early travellers who have a perchance for art and a great eye for decor. Their homes are palatial, spilling exuberance at every inch and decorated with Belgian glass embellishments, intricate wooden work, ceramics and iron pillars that stand the test of time. Chettinad cuisine has set standards across the world for their piquant flavours and variety that one cannot miss. When travelling across the towns and villages of Chettinad, the terracotta figurines will root your rustic heritage of the South. Made in earthy colours, these figurines represent the facets of the Universe in eye-captivating ways! A trip to the Chettinad cotton weavers will return you with their sarees known for their earthy palate and comfort of the cotton. Soar through the Towns of Chettinad to soak in grandeur yet in ever so familiar way!

Tamil Nadu - Karaikudi, Pudukottai, Athangudi, Kanadukathan, Pillayarpatti
Min 3 Days and 2 Nights
Nearest Airport - Trichy or Madurai
Nearest Railway Station - Karaikudi or Trichy
Accommodation - The Bangla, Visalam

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