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A city beyond imagination- walk into lanes of historicity, magnificence and grandeur in the city of Hampi. Lying upon the Deccan Plateau Hampi is home to more than 1600 monuments, & artefacts strewn along the winding Tungabhadra river. Ruled by the mighty rulers of Vijayanagaras between 14th and 16th century, this city of victory was a booming land of splendour, magnificence, trade, and wealth. It was a city frequented by travellers from Persia, Italy, Portugal, and Russia. Hampi was indeed the destination city of South India! Aside from being ruled by the great dynasty of Vijayanagara, Hampi is also the land that is associated with Ramayana, the greatest Indian Epic. Upon these very boulders, the dramatic scene of the Ramayana unfurl. On our journey, we will trace the origins of this marvellous city, meander through this UNESCO site and explore the legends that envelope this land.

Karnataka - Hampi
Min 4 Days And 3 Nights
Nearest Airport - Hubli, Bangalore
Nearest Railway Station - Hospet
Accommodation - Evolve Back or The Boulders / Heritage Resort Hampi

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