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Hoysala finds its name from the famous folklore where their chieftain Sala killed the tiger with just one strike, exclaiming in victory - "Hoy!”. The Hoysalas were great supporters of art and architecture. They were so advanced in sculpting that they specialised in miniature sculptures. These intricate sculptures are a sight of fulfilment to the eyes and soul! Get a touch of the music and dance that reigned in their times through the craftsmanship that brings their architecture to life! Their capital was Dwarasamudra which had an artificial lake that opened into the sea, and a Temple that was dedicated to Lord Shiva. Indulge in the uniquely styled Karnataka styled thaalis while shuffling across the gorgeous temples the Hoysalas have left behind.

Karnataka - Belur, Halibedu
Min 4 Days And 3 Nights
Nearest Airport - Bangalore or Mysore
Nearest Railway Station - Bangalore or Mysore
Accommodation - Hoysala Village Resort

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