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The Courtyard Story!

The southern part of the Indian peninsula is unparalleled in its history, literature, architecture and the arts. This beautiful land is home to some of the oldest monuments dating as early as 4 century BC. The magnificent architecture and finesse of these monuments retell the glory of the past dynasties, not just their reign and valour but also their artistic vision. It hosts an eclectic potpourri of art and history – some intrinsic to the land and its people, some bequeathed as legacy from invaders, and some, just remainders of a past that was resplendent, mysterious and yet, to our delight, accessible.  A built heritage cocoons itself within history, rituals, and multifarious art forms. It weaves itself into a story to showcase its thriving tradition. 

Growing up in the quaint town of Sirkazhi, Tamil Nadu, S. Jayakumar developed a deep rooted love for the Southern Lands. In the vibrant towns of Tanjore and Kumbakonam, Jayakumar started sharing tales of the Chola kings, their mighty conquests, their architectural feats and their immense patronage and love for the arts with a group of travelers. Realising that these wonders had fallen from the collective eyes of the world, the urge to showcase these lands on a global map amplified. Coupled with his knowledge of Music, literature, history, art, heritage and philosophy  and the encouragement of fellow peers and mentors, he set foot on the entrepreneurial path and founded Courtyard Tours in 2017. Since then his trails and tours have expanded – soaring the lands of Southern India and weaving a story through every journey.

Since 2017, Courtyard Tours as a sole proprietorship, has taken hundreds of travelers on journeys through the Southern Land. We have had the privilege of working with organisations like The US Consulate, The German Consulate, Apollo Hospitals, educational institutions like MOP Vaishnav College for Women, Carlton College Minessota and individuals like industrial tycoon – Nikki Nayar, well-known fashion designer – Wendell Rodricks, internationally acclaimed architect – Matthew Butters and renowned businessman and philanthropist Sethu Vaidyanathan.

As a next step in the entrepreneurial journey, in July 2019, Courtyard Tours Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated, an important milestone for the company.

In 2020 with the strike of the global pandemic, activity at Courtyard Tours had decreased. Many projects for the year were put on pause. As the country opened up, we were able to resume business but movement across the country was still limited. Many temples and monuments were still kept closed. Furthermore, interacting with the local artisans could not be facilitated fearing the spread of COVID-19. 

The last year has given time for Courtyard Tours to develop new business models to thrive in the post- pandemic era. We have also worked with artisan communities to develop sustainable financial models that run in their favour. We are ready yet again to soar the lands of South India. Travel with Courtyard Tours and see the best of what South India has to offer. Join us as we share these stories through our curated tours and immerse in South Indian heritage through art, architecture, mythology, history, food and people. We welcome you to the Courtyard experience!