Dancing with his right leg on the back of a dwarf, the left foot raised across in an elegant curve, and with four arms, the Nataraja represents the paradoxical balance of creation and destruction. The ever auspicious Arudra star shines the brightest, on this full moon night as the Orion constellation takes over the sky! Legend has it that it was on Thiruvathirai that Lord Shiva performed his Ananda Tandavam for Rishi Patanjali at Chidambaram! Witness the rare sighting of Nataraja’s feet in the Tiruvarur festivities. Join us on an exclusive trail, as we travel through Chidambaram, Tiruvarur and a few other sacred temples of Lord Shiva; and soak in the spiritual splendour of this festival. Immerse yourself in the unique rituals, experience the celebrations, listen to the stories, bask in the poetry, relish the prasadam and most importantly, witness the Dance of Bliss!

Approximately between mid December to mid January

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